30-Second Photography wyd. Ivy Press

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Who invented photography first, Fox Talbot or Louis Daguerre? Who got the patent? Who made the most money? Who are the greatest photographers and what have their contributions been? This book takes the 50 most important aspects of photography; both the major styles and the key technical aspects that make them possible, and explains each in two pages, 300 words and one picture The book also includes 6 profiles of the greatest names in the history of photography and shares their contributions. Whether you pick it up for 30-seconds at a time or from cover-to-cover, this book will have you thinking about your own and other peoples photography in a whole new way.

Autor Adiva Koenigsberg, Brian Dilg
Wydawca Ivy Press
Data wydania 2015-05-11
Ilość stron 160
Język angielski
Okładka twarda
Format 18 x 23 cm
ISBN 9781782402619